Words of Dr. Takashi Nagai – for doctors to consider.

Those words in the Sermon on the Mount, “Blessed are those who weep” should be taken literally by doctors. A real doctor suffers with each patient. If the patient is frightened of dying, so is the doctor. When the patient at long last gets well and says, “Thank you,” the doctor responds, “Thank you.”

If your patient is an old man, you treat him as your own father; if the patient is a child, as your own child…Each patient becomes your brother, your sister, your mother, for whom you drop everything else.

You anxiously reexamine those tests and x-rays. you pore over the medical chart, leaving no stone unturned…

How mistaken I was as a young doctor when I thought medical practice was a matter of medical technique.

That would make a doctor a body mechanic!

No! A doctor must be a person who feels in his own body and spirit all that the patient suffers in body and spirit…I have come to understand that medicine is a vocation…

Dr Takashi Nagai quoted by Fr Paul Glynn in “A Song for Nagasaki


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