March for Religious Freedom

All over the United States today people are out marching to retain religious freedom.  No Government should be taking away people’s actual right while making up “rights” that never have and never will exist.

You can pick up info at The Anchoress  which she appears to be keeping updated.

Other places include Orthodox News

There is more around the web but I reckon the full news will be in tomorrow once the March is over.

This is a vitally important issue.  The Church has been attacked over and over in her 2000 years and anyone who reads history knows what this kind of Government activity will eventually lead to. Pray and be ready.

UPDATE Great turnout.

Check out these links HERE and the Anchoress here. So many people HERE

Meanwhile I learn that the British Govt have scheduled a “debate” to use the word loosly on what is called Assisted Suicide. Those who want to see the elderly, sick and disabled killed off lost the last battle so they have sneakily brought the issue back just as Parlaiament closes for Easter to try and tip the vote when many MPs wont be there.

No one with even a modicum of sense and a knowledge of not only history but what is happening right now in places like Oregan, can pretend this is anything other than an OBLIGATION to DIE being forced onto those who are deemed no longer useful.

If you are not praying, start now.




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