Today the British Parliament sneak in a Bill for “suicide” for sick and disabled people. I am reading Edith Stein and Companions

In a move that only be described as sneaky and dishonest, there is a Bill being pushed into vote in Parliament today as most MPs leave early for the Easter break. Hoping that the lack of MPs will get the vote through (this can hardly be called democracy), this already failed bill on what is being called “Assisted Suicide” is pushed and pushed. Disabled and sick and elderly people, we are told, don’t want to live. They want the “right to die” (which doesn’t exist) and the “right to die with dignity”(which does). The bill doesn’t push for excellent end of life and palliative care. It doesn’t demand that nurses and medics are fully trained in pain management. There is nothing about expanding the hospice movement or even helping the movement out financially. No, this bill is merely the first giant step to an obligation for sick and expensive disabled people to die.

Edith Stein and her amazing and little known companions all died in the gas chambers of Auschwitz near the Polish border. The gas system was designed originally for the killing of disabled, sick and vulnerable people. It had proved difficult and expensive to shoot so many people. Some soldiers had been a little distressed. People deemed not USEFUL and therefore life unworthy of life were killed. Thousands upon thousands of disabled babies, children and adults were killed for not being useful; for being unworthy. (I can’t help thinking that the reason it has become taboo to mention Hitler or the wholesale slaughter of the innocent he and his cronies implemented is because we want to do the same thing without being noticed. The parallels are stark- no wonder we aren’t to mention them).

In Oregon USA reports are being made that insurance companies are refusing to pay for treatment for seriously ill patients but offering them the cheaper package of assisted suicide instead. In the Netherlands where St Edith Stein and many of her fellow Catholic Jews lived, they now kill sick children without parental consent. Worse still they also kill sick children with parental consent.

In three weeks it is Divine Mercy Sunday. Let us pray.

From this morning’s Divine Office Intro Prayers: (Ps 11(12))

Help, Oh Lord for good men have vanished; truth has gone from the sons of men.

Falsehood they speak one to another, with lying lips, and false heart. May the Lord destroy all lying lips, the tongue that speaks high-sounding words, Those who say “Our tongue is our strength; our lips are our own, who is our master?”

‘For the poor who are oppressed and the needy who groan, I Myself will arise,’ says the Lord, ‘I will grant them the salvation for which they thirst…

It is you O Lord who will take us unto your care and protect us for ever from this generation…



4 responses to “Today the British Parliament sneak in a Bill for “suicide” for sick and disabled people. I am reading Edith Stein and Companions

  1. I really believe that people pushing for euthanasia know that the general masses don’t support it. A similar thing happened in Australia in trying to sneak through a bill that was for those suffering from chronic diseases and terminal.

    Really with the wording in the bills we had here, the bill was more about protecting a doctor that decided to end someone’s life rather than giving someone the right to say I want to end it.

    The bill is still before our parliament and I just keep on praying that it will not get passed. I think the hardest thing for me as a mother of two children with type one diabetes is thinking that one day, I may have to defend why my boys have just as much right to life as someone that doesn’t have a chronic illness.

    • Therese you are right.
      Here in the UK the main stream media lead by Channel 4 began a campaign against modern insulin for type 1 and other insulin dependant diabetecs because it is deemed too expensive. They insisted that people should be taken off the pens and put back on the old insulins because “they work just as well” and are of course much cheaper.
      I was amazed because in my nursing days we had a lot of people with t1d who were desperately ill and unstable because the insulins simply were not good enough. People died. Simple as that – but then having sick people die is much cheaper than keeping them alive and as well as possible isn’t it.
      Kyrie elesion!!!

  2. The late Louisiana Catholic novelist Walker Percy spoke of the 20th century as “the century of the love of death,” and so far that describes the 21st century as well.

    • It does. I must admit, I rather naively thought that the 3rd millenium, the 21st century would be better because surely all that mass slaughter from just before 1900 to now would make people think – enough of this.
      But it hasn’t.
      The mystery of iniquity I guess.

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