World Autism Day

It’s world Autism Day today.

Autism has been treated very much like ME/CFS FM by political and medical personal. It’s been denied and hidden but this year the figures on people with a diagnoses of autism and aspergers are so huge that surely some damn somewhere will burst.

The figures for the United States were announced as 1 in 88 children today! That’s an exponential rise year on year since 2007.

But here in the UK the figure is even worse. 1 in 52 children are dx with Autism of some sort.

Is it my imagination or has the MSM in the UK ignored this? I haven’t looked very hard, but then a day to mark 1 in 52 people having autism ought to get a mention.

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These writers are quite correct in asking what will happen to their children as they enter adulthood. Many children and adults are very disabled.

One of the other aspects of this of course is that it only increases the lack of trust in the medical profession and of course big pharma.

God bless all people with austism of any kind, and bless their families.


4 responses to “World Autism Day

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  3. I have worked in the field of mental health since 1984, and specifically in child and adolescent mental health since 2004, so I am entirely sympathetic to the needs of people (and their families) dealing with mental illness. But I’m extremely wary of these prevalence estimates, as they simply don’t square with my experience in the field. Numbers this high, I strongly suspect, represent diagnostic criteria that are becoming so diffuse as to be nearly meaningless. Note how the talk these days is of the “autism spectrum”–a spectrum that has seemingly grown broad enough to encompass nearly any combination of cognitive delay, social delay, motor abnormality, or shyness. It simply doesn’t help matters to lump all this into “autism”. The term simply becomes void of specific content.

    • Yes, i did wonder where the ASD dx fitted into the stats. I would like to see a breakdown of stats for Austism, Aspy and ASD.
      I have to say from a purely experiential standpoint, all the children I worked with in my psychi days and post psychi days had pretty serious Austism or Aspbergers.
      I have heard about ASD but never met a child or adult with the dx. My dh who has worked in CAMHS for just over 25 yrs now doesn’t seem to see many children on the spectrum. In fact the area where over dx seems to be more obvious is in ADHD and ADD, (and I have a personal reluctance to accept the existance of oppositional defiance disorder! But maybe I’m getting too cynical in my old age).
      I do know a couple of children who would fall into the concrete thinking, developmental delay box but they have no dx. Perhaps it’s less likely in Home Ed circles. I do know three children with very obvious Aspbergers – you couldn’t miss it at all, who, because they are HEd have not been sent for a dx. One child has a physical illness as well which is dx.
      To be honest I think autism is massively on the rise simply from what I see around me; not ASD but full on autism where adult children can’t leave home as they still need full time care from mum and dad.
      Something is happening, and I share your sympathy for families in this-where there are so few answers.

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