Divine Mercy Novena Day 9

Divine Mercy Novena Day 9 and HERE

For those who have become luke warm. There is only two choices for every one of us, we can choose Mercy or Judgement.  We need to love God with all our heart, mind and strength because the lukewarm face a truly terrifying eternity (Rev 3:16)

One thing to remember about what the Church calls ‘private revelation’ is that it never adds anything to the public revelation that ended with the death of the last apostle. All private revelation does is re-point us back to the Gospel, so that we are reminded and encouraged.

Being lukewarm in faith is the most devastating state of being. How can you know God is real and know His love and all that Scripture has told us, and simply be too apathetic to bother about it? To be lukewarm is idle, comfortable and utterly ugly. It is lukewarm Christians and worse still lukewarm Catholics who are enabling the evils we see in our world. atheists who throughout history have been tyrants and murderers have more often than not seen Christianity at some point (Hitler was baptised in a Catholic Church) and yet have turned away from it, not just from pure free will, but from there being nothing to stop them.

It is the lukewarm that lead so many to the belief that anything that challenges a comfortable life for ourselves or those around us must not be allowed, even if it means suicide. How one woman came to see that being a burden is a horrible trick of the mind.

Lukewarm Christians put themselves first and not God. If you do not love the brother you can see, how will you love the God you can’t? (r. 1 John 4:20)


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