Happy Birthday Papa Beni.

It’s Pope Benedict’s birthday today and he has turned 85. In three days we will celebrate the 7th anniversary since he was made Pope.

Over the last 2000 years of the Church and her 265 popes there have been a lot of saints and a good few sinners sitting in the chair of Peter. But in these times we have seen some very holy, saintly popes who have shown heroic graces in the face of a growing toxicity of culture all around the world.

The Pope was praised today for remaining truly Bavarian which I think he has. And I think there’s a quiet symbolism in that. In the 1930’s election that brought National Socialism to power in Germany, the least votes came out of Bavaria, probably because the people had listened to the advice of the nuncio who went on to become Pope Pius XII. Bavaria had been on the front line in the encroaching darkness of Socialism just as Warsaw and Krakow suffered hugely thanks to the jaws of Nationals Socialism and Communist oppression.

Blessed Pope John Paul the II and our present Holy Father taken up the fight for Christ and His Bride and those of us in the ranks are grateful.

Happy Birthday.


One response to “Happy Birthday Papa Beni.

  1. Happy birthday Papa Ben. He has been a true blessing to our church.

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