Home Education, Living Literature – because Charlotte Mason is still my heroine.

Obviously when it comes to children reading and being read to grades are a very vague guide. For example Ronan has been reading St Ignatius without too many problems – apart from the Spanish names – but it isn’t on Seton until much later (I discovered by accident t’other day). While I am a great believer in giving children books to read that expand their vocabulary and stretch them a bit, I don’t advocate making reading so hard it puts them off.  I think there’s a place for “page candy” as well (in small doses) – although I can’t think of any the children are reading at the moment.

(Grade 3-4) Ronan is reading (to me) Tom’s Midnight Garden  (from my Kindle) and St Ignatius Loyola.

Avila is reading Why? by Tomie DePaola which she has nearly finished. Once she has I will buy For the Duration which both she and Ronan have been looking forward too. I think she’ll probably get to read it first.

Avila will also be reading The Weight of the Mass and Take it to the Queen.

Ronan and Avila are allowed to read in bed now.

Ronan is reading T. H. White’s The Sword in the Stone which Iona picked up from a charity shop.

Avila has been reading mainly picture books each night – lots of Tomie dePaola and other stuff.

I’ve been printing off comics from Treasure Chest of Fact and Fun for them both as well. This has gone down better than I expected. The only complaint so far has been the type quality sometimes.  I’ve got some copies of Fairy Tale Parade  (I didn’t get them from the site linked but hopefully that site works ok) as well which now we have a cheap to run laser printer I am printing selected stories from.

They have been listening to Stranger Moon from Ancient Faith Radio’s Under the Grapevine. We have all the Narnia books downloaded as well as some other stories. It’s lovely stuff and has been a God-send now that I can’t read out loud for any length of time. Heleyna’s favourite is the story of St. Helena and the Cats. There’s also that lovely Wemmick story – we have the book from a friend.

Other books the children have been reading or will be reading over the next few weeks are:

The Librarian Who Measured The Earth for the little ones history.

Wise Guy about Socrates.

This beautiful book Angel in teh Waters to go with a little project we are doing on human fetal development.

Iona is reading Anne Fran’s Short Stories lent by a friend. Anne wrote them when she was a teenager and Iona reckons she was very wise for her age. Then she will read The Flight of the Falcon by Daphne De Maurier 

I am still reading Osler’s Web which I very much recommend. It’s a brilliantly researched and written expose of the sheer corruption, egos and narcisistic personalities as well as the heroic and genuine care and hard work done by reserchers and medics into the mystery of ME which was named Chronic Fatique Syndrome in a deliberate and frankly malicious attempt to prevent patient care.

Check out my Amazon Store (no, I am not making any money on this) for other books we either have or wish to have that I think I worth reading.


One response to “Home Education, Living Literature – because Charlotte Mason is still my heroine.

  1. Love your blog! I’m writing about C.M. too in order to digest all her insightful words. She was a prophet for parents and teachers. Inspired. I’m going to share your blog with some friends. If you’re interested in checking out my C.M. blog, go to http://www.gentleartoflearning.com. I’d be interested in hearing what you think. From one C.M. devotee to another, God bless!

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