I have received the versatile blog award

I am very touched to have been awarded the Versatile Blog Award from Eva of Untrodden Paths. I don’t get around to reading other blogs very much these days but I do recommend Eva’s blog as she posts lots of ideas for books and activities. The fact that she posts bilingually as well is an extra bonus. Go and have a look.

To accept the award you have to thank the person who gave you the award – so thank you Eva 🙂 – write seven things about you and (if possible) pass the award on to 15 other blogs. Seven things about me;

– I love llama’s and dream of having one complete with saddle and little cart to pull.

– I read books more than blogs now.

– I wear fluffy slippers with a face on them.

– I was once caught by a daughter wielding two wooden spoons when I tipped over while we were packing the dishwasher.

–  I am fascinated by the neanderthals and the question of their humanity.

– I used to teach British Sign Language and now sometimes forget the English word, but remember the Sign for things. Weird aren’t I?

– I am allergic to mangoes. Yep I am weird.

I pass the award on to Kalei who offers such a variety of freebies to all.

Therese who homeschools, cooks, sews with astonishing skill, and helps her children with type 1 diabetes keep on top of carbs and insulin. Now that IS versatile.

Sanabitur Anima Mea – because she is courageous enough to not only fight serious depression and an eating disorder, but to write about her fight so that others can be supported and know they are not alone.

Rita swims her tigerish waters and blogs on things as diverse as theology through personal stories to the joys of teaching science.

And Nonna who blogs on her beautiful Orthodox faith, her homeschooling of her two sons who have autism, her battle with ME and all the serious illnesses it drags in with it – and that has been a huge inspiration for me as I cope with my own illness.

And finally the wonders of peotry, strange happenings, life lessons and of course the unutterable joy of a fine variety of buscuits at Life the Universe and Would you Pass the Custard Creams.


2 responses to “I have received the versatile blog award

  1. Thanks so much Shell. I really appreciate getting this award.

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