Interesting experience with “Bible believers” – or not.

The doorbell rang and three people were standing there. They claimed to be theology students who had written a dissertation and wondered if they could present it to me for my thoughts. I decided to say yes. So I invited them in.

I was asked if I believed in the Bible and I said yes. They asked if I believed all of the Bible, and I said yes. They then asked if I was Christian and I said yes.

They then proceeded with the ‘presentation’ – and I use the word very loosely. What these theology students had done is take one verse from Revelation 22:17 and run so far off the track with it they have come up with another god. There is, they insisted, a mother god!

Obviously I had to disagree. I asked them where they got that idea from. They didn’t seem to know – they just asserted that there is a mother god. They pointed to the words “water of life” and asked where the water comes from. I answered it comes from Christ and they said “So not the Church.”

So then I explained that the bride, Christ’s Church was established so that it/she could give us the water that pours from Christ. How else were we to get it?

They insisted this wasn’t the case as the bride is a mother god.

I asked them why it was then that St Paul taught differently and that all the early Church Fathers saw the Church as the bride and not one had accepted a mother goddess? These three theology students looked a little blank as they had obviously never heard of the Church Fathers.

Finally I clicked on my computer Bible. As soon as they saw the Bible start to load in the screen they lept up and rushed away! What kind of Bible believing theology students run for it as soon as they see a Bible?

It shows that when you have no authority to help you interpret Scripture properly, just how badly things can go. St Peter warns that there are things in Scripture that are hard to understand, which the “ignroant and unstable wrest, as they do the other Scriptures,” (by this he means other Scriptures than the ones taught by St. Paul) “to their own destruction.” This is a strict warning from St. Peter that we should not be making up our own interpretations of Scripture – and that doing so could very well lead to our own destruction. That’s no a mild warning is it?

How do people get so bogged down in their own opinions that they can come up with a goddess from one verse in the entire Bible? Honestly I don’t know. But I am so grateful that Christ did not leave us orphans but gave us the Church to be the pillar and foundation of truth (1 Tim 3:15) and anyone who doesn’t listen to the Church they are much like pagans- that is they have separated themselves from her (Matt 18: 17). In the end the question that must be answered is this ; from where do you get your authority?


4 responses to “Interesting experience with “Bible believers” – or not.

  1. sanabituranima

    How bizarre. I hope talking to you cleared their heads a little.

  2. That’s is very strange, not like Jehova’s Witnesses, which come here once in a while. I have never heard of people like that coming to one’s door!

  3. How simply too bizarre – they were here today! Do you think they are targeting Catholics or home schoolers or simply women who seem to have a feeble grip on reality? They turned up at 12.45 just as I was congratulating myself on getting Sunday Lunch ready on time for a change. I would have slammed the door in their faces but fortunately Paul, who remembered that we are Benedictines and meant to have a special care for hospitality, invited them in and listened to their musings. I poured them some orange juice so I kind of did my bit.

  4. Targetting women who have a feeble grip on reality would certainly explain them turning up on my doorstep 🙂
    Eva, I did wonder if they were JWs but their “theology” and I use the word very loosly wasn’t JWish

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