Vatican spokesman speaks out for the rights of parents to home educate

A Vatican Spokesman has called on the UN to respect the rights of parents to choose the education of their children, including the right to home educate.

Many European countries are draconian in their treatment of home educating families. Germany and Sweden are perhaps two of the most tyrannical when it comes to the rights of families. More than one family has fled Germany to find asylum in a country that respects their rights.

Actually the way German authorities behave towards families whose children are having serious problems in school make our social services look almost professional.

It’s concerned to see that the fight goes on in California. It was lost, it seems to me, in New York, but there are plenty of genuinely free states left – Texas stands out as one of the best.

We must pray and fight for our freedoms and rights to care for our children properly.


2 responses to “Vatican spokesman speaks out for the rights of parents to home educate

  1. There are a lot of US states that have decent home schooling laws. Surprisingly, West Virginia is one of them, although our fearless legislature keeps trying to make the laws worse for us. We keep hounding them to leaving us alone once we find out about the awful laws they keep trying to pass so we can do the job properly. I mean, we left institutional government schooling because they weren’t doing such a great job even though they were being paid to do a good job, right?

    Really, that is all we want. Just let us get on with the business of properly educating our kids.

  2. We really should never take freedom for granted.
    I’ve just awarded you the Liebster Award

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