Leibster Award

Erin of Seven Little Australians and Counting has awarded me the Leibster Blog award. How lovely is that! I have to recommend a little side link she has of her Aussie Book Threads. It’s pretty easy to find books on British or American life, natura history or history, but I’ve hunted around a bit to find good books for other countries. This is a lovely well of literature to dive into.

The idea of the Liebster Blog Award is to direct traffic to those of us in the much quieter corners of the blogosphere, where few people might otherwise land.

So I am passing this on to Clare of Smooth and Easy Days

and fire-brand Karen who is still a Gem of the Ocean despite living here in lovely England now – not that her visa situation makes it seem she is very welcome.

And while I’m here HAPPY (belated) MOTHER’S DAY to all you mums across the pond.


3 responses to “Leibster Award

  1. Gee thanks for your kind words about Aussie Book Threads, do you know I get very, very little feedback about my site so you’ve just made my day:) Inspired me to fix it up:)
    enjoying the two blogs you linked too:)

  2. Aww, thanks m6k! That’s lovely. I haven’t been around for ages, am 13 weeks pregnant with #4 and it’s been AWFUL! Just surviving and feeding the children (getting dressed optional!) for the last few weeks but starting to feel a bit more normal. Will try and be a better blogger. (Have also been experimenting with anonymous blogging which is quite refreshing.)

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