On Marriage and children

I’ve been wondering about writing on this topic for some time, but always felt I couldn’t really do it clearly. Emily Stimpson puts into words the very same problems I’ve been mulling over since the bishops of England and Wales sent that letter around to be read at Mass. You see, I just can’t think of one single time when I’ve heard anyone preach about the sanctity of marriage and the place of children in the family. Priests are not only ignoring the onslaught that marriage has suffered, and not supporting those of us trying to stay in valid, sacramental marriages, many of them have been actively engaged in undermining it.

The Catholic Church in Her teaching has never wavered on marriage; it’s indissolubility, the place of children and the grave matter of contraception and abortion. And as far as I know She is the only Church who has never budged an inch on the truth and has stuck with Jesus throughout- but many priests are not shepherds but hirelings and that shows.

It’s obvious that when society – especially Christians- ditch Christ’s teaching on marriage and decide to make the adults choose whatever they like to do about it, that the place of children will be seriously effected. Bizarrely, however, there’s a great propaganda war going on to try and convince us that what we see in our kids friend’s and our neighbours and those who go to our churches, simply isn’t happening and that divorce, remarriage, mum’s boyfriends. dad’s girlfriends, and the “I did it my way” adults have not damaged the children at all.

Thanks to contraception children are no longer a gift or a blessing, they are a product of adult choice.  Adult’s choose when and whether to have a child and will therefore choose whether to adhere to any vows taken for the benefit of that product. And this is how so-called Christians have behaved since 1930.  As a Christian “culture” we have turned Christ’s words of “Suffer the little children…” around to means “Let the little children suffer so long as I can do whatever I want with whomever I choose.”

Christian communities have sunk so low that they are no longer merely allowing abortion to happen, some of them are voting in favour of killing off unborn children.

When we are asked why we are standing up against the ontologically impossible “gay marriage” those who ask are looking at the rotten fruit of our own trees.

We need to get back to what Christ commands on marriage…

(more on this later)


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