Marriage and children: a side topic from contraception and abortion to polygamy/

This excellent article covers in a few short words why polygamy doesn’t bode well for women and children. While all of this looks like common sense and anyway history gives us a clear view of the problems that went with (and go with) polygamy, not just in child survival and care but population imbalance, I have another question.

How has contraception and the wholesale slaughter of unborn children affected the balance for men and women who are called to marriage? It has been mentioned fairly often that the shortage of priests and religious has something to do with the sheer number of children killed before birth.

We know that the mass killing from World War I left many women with dead husbands and fiance’s so that many women never married or had children.  Just from my gran’s family we can see the devastation. There were 8 girls and 1 boy. The boy was killed when he was 16 at the front on the last day of WWI (something my gran never got over). Of the girls only gran and one sister married. My auntie Gwen’s husband was killed or died early, so she had no children, and my auntie Eileen’s fiance was killed and I have no idea whether the other aunts ever had a boyfriend or fiance. My Gran had three sons, one of whom died at aged 6.  From just one family you can see that killing off a proportion of the population had a sad knock on effect.

What has the refusal to even have children done? Surely there are less potential marriageable people out there, and then the ones that make it to adulthood are often so seriously damaged by their parents “Me Myself and I” culture that they are hardly fit for friendship let along marriage and parenting.

So next – some solutions to consider.


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