Daily Archives: May 27, 2012

Least expected little holiness

Mass was pretty frenetic today. The children from the local primary school were making their First Holy Communion and so the Church was packed and loud.

From my little corner by the Confessional (what I call ‘crip corner’ because all us cripples congregate in that area) I could see the back door and enjoy the light breeze.

At the end of Mass as many people were getting louder and restless- not being used to attending I assumed – a man walked in through the back door. With his slightly “bulky” walk and mostly shaved head he looked “well ‘ard”. He turned to the little votive place, plopped some money in the box and quietly lit a candle under the statue of the Madonna and Child and then he quietly looked up at her and her Son, made the sign of the cross, half genuflected and bowed and then left the church.

I thought it was a truly beautiful moment.