Friday freebies

I’ve put together a short timeline notebook for the 14th Century and as we are planning the next academic year I’ve put together an academic year diary.

As my breathing is naff and my voice comes and goes I am spending more time looking for audio books for the children, either for them to listen to or to follow along to.

I love the Readings from Under the Grapevine from Ancient Faith Radio. There are plenty of short stories and full chapter books for the children there. Dr hart has a good reading voice and Ancient Faith Radio have managed to get permission to read some modern and still in copyright works such as the Narnia Chronicles and many books published by Conciliar Press among others.

I wish EWTN or some other Catholic radio would offer a similar service for Catholic kids that Ancient Faith is offering for Orthodox kids.

Storynory is a good site.

And there’s the occasional gold standard reading from Librivox such as the Princess and Goblin read here by someone called Andy Minter who seems to me to have a genuine “voice talent”.

Sadly, not only do I have a radio face I am increasingly in possession of a silent movie only voice! So I am searching for good audio for the children as learning to listen is a vital skill.


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