Adventures in Fibromyalgia; lung specialist.

Saw the lung specialist yesterday. I was hoping that was it until the epilepsy clinic in October, but he wants me back in three to four weeks for tests.

As I’ve been feeling fine in the ol’lung department recently – haven’t needed prednisoline since April which for me is pretty good going.

Doc gave me a peak flow meter which I am to use twice  day for two weeks and post the results to him.  It’s interesting to get a baseline of what my lungs are up to when I’m feeling relatively fine. So far I’m hitting between 360 to 380 which isn’t that bad.

My sats hovered between 93 and 94 which isn’t that great but isn’t as bad as they’ve been in the near past (tended to be 86-88). So the drugs must be working reasonably well.


One response to “Adventures in Fibromyalgia; lung specialist.

  1. Though a positive post, I still feel this is your theme tune…

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