Successes and Failures in home ed.

Yesterday, once the ‘formal’ lesson time was over, Ronan went off and made a green and yellow version of Batenberg. And why not?

He did this all by himself and is understandably pretty pleased with the results. The cake tastes great and although it’s not as neat as an Iona made batenberg, it’s pretty close.

So, I can feel a bit smug. Look at my 9 year old and how well he cooks.

And then, I’ve completely lost my voice. It’s been coming and going for a while now and this afternoon it went off somewhere and I haven’t found it yet.

Alex has suggested that I need to use Sign Language, and as I was (and more or less still am) fluent in the language that should be easy…except for the fact that I haven’t sustained my teaching of it to the children. So while I have a skill that is very useful, I have been daft enough not to pass it on properly.

Meanwhile my dear husband says he’s enjoying the silence!

I was talking to my son’s girlfriend’s grandmother (quite a mouthful!) a couple of daya ago and she was talking about the importance of passing on the skills we have in families. Her skill is needlework and she’s teaching her home educated grandchildren.

Part of the joy and importance of home education is passing on what we have learned as well as learning alongside the children, and in my case it would be very useful indeed if I got my act together to pass on Sign Language!


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