Home education a couple of days in the life.

Yesterday, I got up did morning prayer, cleaned the kitchen ans set out the work for the little group.

Josh was wandering around emptying the bins ready for tonight. He was off to work after that. Alex was already at work.

Another family arrived and we had a cuppa. Then we called all the children together and did some history. We are following the syllabus for RC connecting with History using the Ancient Civilisations Pocket Book making book and Kalei’s Bible timeline pictures.

The children in the lesson range from age 4 to 9 and there’s a toddler too. For Ronan and Avila this is revision rather than work that stretches them.

Jenny (Josh’s girlfriend) of the Little Green Dress came and taught a Spanish lesson. We got lunch ready and then after lunch there was a bit more Spanish and then time to play. Ronan got the others together and made tortillas.

Jenny left and then the other family left. Alex came home and his girlfriend arrived.

I started the dinner and got most of it cooked and sorted so I could collapse in a chair for a while. Then everyone laid the table.

Al arrived home from work and I served dinner.

Children watched a bit of Narnia, the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe then got ready for bed.

Al took them up to bed and then there was relative silence for a while. I did some knitting and reading.

Compline and bed.

Today: Got up, morning prayer, cleaned kitchen. I ought to have made a jug of squash and left it on the table with cups for the children to help themselves to during the day – but I forgot.

Avila helped Heleyna get her breakfast while I set up the lessons for the day including the keyboard and broken computer for their music lessons (I plug the broken computer into the TV so they can actually see the music).

Lessons start and I have Heleyna (age 5) for one to one time while the other two work independently. This is easier since I bought them learning boxes which have everything they need. We use a pretty similar set up each week so they know what is expected of them.

After Heleyna’s work was done she sat next to me to do some worksheet stuff while I had one to one time with Avila. We do RE together and she reads to me. Then she and Ronan did a science experiment together while Heleyna watched.

Ronan got lunch for him and his sisters. I grab a lunch and get stuff put away and the next lessons out. With Ronan I do RE, he reads the Fr Brown Reader and we discuss the answers to the questions before he writes them out. Then he read to me.

There was a break while I sorted out something for Heleyna and then it was time for Latin (Primer A) and a bit of history. Heleyna had two little word worksheets for Linney’s Latin to do which included drawing a nauta (sailor) and an astronauta (astronaut) Actually that second word isn’t in the book but we like it. She did very well.

Lesson times were over and the girls went to play. Ronan came to help me prepare dinner. He loves cooking and grabs any opportunity to do so.

Having my 4 o’clock flop time now. It’s bizarre but around this time most days I just can’t move around any more. So I don’t. I am supposed to be writing up the Greek and Latin for next week, but I’m blogging instead.

The boys are at work and Iona is cleaning her room. The children are playing and all is quiet(ish).

Who knows what will happen next…

After lunch it was one to one time with Ronan while the girls played.


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