In quiet praise of my parish and our parish priest.

Friends were over today who had been with us on Sunday when we celebrated with Avila her First Holy Communion. They mentioned how lovely our parish priest is – a solid, genuinely holy bloke. He’s about to be given another parish to run alongside ours as the PP from there isn’t well and is being moved (hopefully to lighter duties).  It’s a lot for one man to do.

He has made our Parish a lovely welcoming place where families can feel at home and where those of have little ones or children with various challenges don’t have to feel out of place about being there. It meant that on Sunday friends of ours who have children with Aspergers and ADHD (the real version) and babies could be there and not feel unwanted.

Father even preached against spending so much time looking at how others are behaving that we forget to look at ourselves.

So many parents who are battling the daily challenges of children with disabilities, chronic illness and all the attendant behaviours can feel that they are not allowed to leave the house, let alone enter a church.

As it happened the extra children with all their “stuff” were well behaved and relaxed during Mass and this has to be partly a reflection that their parents could be relaxed in the knowledge they would not be “noticed”.

Then there was me in the corner with my weird movements and STILL I keep saying “And also with your spirit!” When will I learn?

Thank God for my parish.


One response to “In quiet praise of my parish and our parish priest.

  1. A really good, pastoral parish priest can make a world of difference. God bless yours. God bless mine.

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