Sometimes you meet the most amazing people.

Things went a bit wrong, and I ended up spending the night in the lovely facilities offered by what is affectionately called “The Three Toilet Seats on the Hill.”

You can see why it has that name

There was a lady in the bed next to mine in her 70’s. She overheard my conversation with one of the nursing assistants about having 6 children and home educating. The lovely NA wants a big family of her own. Good for her.

Later, when I been given the “get out of jail free, with drugs” card and my neighbour was told they were getting her a bed on Cardio we sat together and talked.

She too has six children, 3 boys and 3 girls. Her husband worked hard and died a few years ago when her youngest was quite young. The following year her brother was killed in an accident and she took in his wife and 5 children. She didn’t tell me this in a boastful way – just very matter of fact. This is what her family would do. Her older brother would have taken them, but he wasn’t in the country by then. So she took them in. No quibbles, no worries.

She married very young in Pakistan and lived a happy life. She loved in a most amazing way, and now she is very ill. Please pray for her. I think I will remember her for a very long time.

It is lovely to meet people like this. I assume she is Muslim, and I bet she does pray five times a day. She fights her illness with a gentle resignation. I hope I remember her when I am getting frustrated and angry about mine.

I must add here that while I hate hospitals and have had awful experiences with doctors; the staff over the last couple of days were lovely.


One response to “Sometimes you meet the most amazing people.

  1. That’s a lovely story. As a nurse, I can attest that even though hospitals/clinics are horrible places to be, sometimes you meet the most wonderful people and have the privilege of learning their amazing stories.

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