Friday Freebies

Free Videos

NeoK 12 vids on all sorts of things.

I am sure most of you already know about Khan Academy.

We have found this site Study Jams and I’ve used some of the vids for the children as learning back up.

Other freebies.

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop has lots of free downloadable games and things to make for lots of subjects. Looks good to me.

End of term trip.

It’s the end of term for schools this week. Our lot have more or less finished and anyway they are already well into next years work.

Yesterday Iona and Jenny (my oldest son’s girlfriend) joined another couple of Home Ed families for a trip to the Museum. The main focus of the trip was the Egyptian displays as that’s what we’ve studied in history with the younger ones.

They had a great time and Ronan came back with lots of photos of various displays, including the mummies.

I stayed home this time to recover from my hospital stay. It was so quiet! I read and watched a bit of Dr Ray and felt much better by the time they all came back.

There are some plans for the Summer for meeting up with folks hopefully. J has hopes of helping Heleyna fulfil her ambition.

She came downstairs yesterday morning and in her just woken up, slightly groggy state announced, “I want to hold a frog.”

These were the first words of the day!

J has a friend with a pond full of tadpoles at the moment, so hopefully Heleyna’s ambition can be met there.


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