Feast Day of St Bridget of Sweden

Today is the feast of my beloved St. Bridget. She is one of the three women patron’s of Europe along with St. Edith Stein (Sr. Benedicta of the Cross) and St. Catherine of Siena.

She was married around age 13 or 14 to Ulf who was then 18. They had 8 children together, one of whom, Katrin (Katherine) is also a saint. (St. Katrin of Verdena or Katherine of Sweden, depending on spelling and translation).

Bridget and Catherine of Siena were more or less contemporaries and were both fighting for reform in the Church and a return of the papacy to Rome from Avignon.

While Catherine and Bridget worked for reformation and tried to intervene in the war making politics of Italy and other parts of Europe it would be the Jewish convert Edith Stein who would give her life for the soul of Europe under Hitler’s wholesale destruction of the Jewish people.

Europe needs all the prayers it can get these days. These three along with St Benedict and others would be wearing out their knees, but it’s heaven and so they aren’t.


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