The collapse of the Greek economy has strengthened families.

As we would have no internet while on holiday I had downloaded some podcasts to listen to while I made picnics and cleaned the kitchen. One of them was an interview with a man who was well versed in what is happening in Greek politics and economy. He painted a pretty desperate picture as the wealth has almost vanished and more and more people are barely making ends meet. The elderly can’t be cared for by Government systems any more and the health care coverage is seriously compromised by the lack of Government funds.

But in this otherwise bleak picture this observer noted that there are signs that Greek culture is making a come back. Families are pulling together and pooling resources. Elderly parents are living with their adult  children and extended families are living and sharing together. From this he sees some hope for the future of the country.

Families wont have as much “stuff” any more. They will be poorer, and there seems no end in sight for that situation at the moment, but many Greek people are rising to the occasion. They are taking back the rights and responsibilities they had too willingly handed over to bureaucrats and are trying to build things from the family and local community up.

I wonder how things will look once the financial situation improves (presuming it does). Will there be more subsidiarity and less Government for Greece? Could other countries move the same way? Or have our cultures been so broken for so long that we couldn’t do as Greece is doing? Are we too busy, too wrapped up in our own tiny worlds to see what’s beyond the immediate? I hope not. God can make straight with crooked lines, and the history of the Jewish people shows a people who gather together and call on His Name when economic and political matters look likely to crush them. We must surely do the same.


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