Atos “doctors” could be struck off?

The Guardian are running a story saying that up to 12 medics could be struck off for misconduct because of the dishonest and cruel way they are working for Atos.

Our Government have paid a great deal of money to this French organisation which treats disabled and seriously ill people to such astoundingly undignified and dishonest assessments in order to remove benefits. Story after story of people being deemed “fit for work” who were on transplant lists or so disabled they couldn’t be asked to work. This story in the Telegraph follows the story of man deemed fit for work after a gruelling assessment – who died a few weeks later.

Having read personal stories on the lists of the astonishingly bad attitude and behaviour of Atos, including having no disabled access to assessment centres so a lady in a wheelchair was taken to the cargo lift by a porter!

Despite the outcry, patently fake assessments and serious injustices perpetrated against sick and disabled people, the Government have given them another 3 year contract!

I remember the days when Maggie Thatcher removed benefits from the long term sick leaving them in serious debt and with no homes. She filled the prisons instead silly woman Didn’t save the country doing that did she?

I haven’t heard from Atos yet – but I don’t doubt my time will come and I am sure they will treat me the same and remove my DLA. God will have to come up with a miracle. So far, He hasn’t let me down.

It worries me that we are a country that has so little care for those who are vulnerable that not only is there no willingness to provide a descent health service, but we are all sitting back and allowing another attack on the sick and disabled.


One response to “Atos “doctors” could be struck off?

  1. This information is well outdated (Aug 2011). In fact, for the whole history of ATOS only one doctor was given warning by GMC for doing ATOS job while he was off sick from his other employment. All this data is made up. Everyone can check GMC hearings outcomes on their website.

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