Getting Crafty

As a home educating mother, I have been ashamed of myself for my lack of crafty skills. I am a textile terror with neither skills in sewing, nor knitting. What kind of home educator is like that?

It was time to do something about it.

I knew I was utterly useless with a pair of needles and pretty darn useless with a little sewing needle these days. The days of embroidery were well behind me.

So, I decided to try something different. I got hold of a set of knitting looms and had a go at knitting that way. There’s no counting stitches to remember and it doesn’t require much co-ordination.

Ronan had a go and was pretty successful with it.

I have learned a couple of basic stitches, knit, e-wrap and how to cable. All of that has been easy and I think I’ll be able to pass that on to the children.

I’ve knitted Heleyna a dress for Winter and I want to have a go at other things.

The next thing I’ve invested in is a peg loom. It is so easy to use that all three children have had a go and found it fine. I’ve made Heleyna a rug for her to do some learning work on.

The loom is easy, light and doesn’t cause any pain at all! I think a lot of people with disabilities that effect hands and fingers would find this a good skill to learn.

I’ll try and do more posts as I get the hang of this.

Then there’s crochet. I would like to learn that too. Thankfully This site has free lessons on how to crochet, which I hope to make use of.

Let’s see how this works out.


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