Home educating for secondary (high) school

A friend of mine has set up a blog to help Catholic  home educating families navigate the world of exams and other challenges for older children and young adults entering the world of work and/or university.

I think the information on exams will probably be of use to any UK  HE family.

It’s new – take a look here

Other families may be interested in the Seton Highschool Diploma which is accredited (requirements for Diploma here)

I know one family who has done well with the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy Diploma and a friend of mine has just signed up her oldest. She is impressed by their flexible approach, allowing British history instead of American and there are other areas where the curricula is flexible.  I do know that the exams can be taken this side of the pond which is good.

Catholic Heritage Curricula has recently set up a Highschool level course that is no accredited. While they make a good case for not needing accreditation, I would say that at least at this time children in the UK will be disadvantaged without an accredited HighSchool Diploma or other tick box qualifications.

I would love a group of veteran home educators to get a solid curriculum together in this country and maybe get it accredited by some genuinely good educational institution (Open Uni maybe).

The Open University has a youth access system now. Iona has done very well with these. They are pro home educated children because they have found they are better at the self discipline and independent thinking required for distance learning.

While officially they take young people from age 16 I do know of a family with a 15 year old who has successfully signed up.


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