Home education; first day of term; slowly does it.

Ouch! Term has begun and I haven’t!

The children had a go with the colour mixing kit and made some good colours for painting with.

I heard Ronan and Avila read and did some movable letter work with Heleyna.

Then I got to grips with more Montessori prep (which I should have done before but couldn’t quite muster the energy).

As it was the children went and tidied their room – Ronan’s idea! And then did their own reading.

My voice has already gone, and I’ve only been off the antibiotics a couple of days. It’s very, VERY frustrating!

I’ve been warned by people in the know, that I have to seriously work out a way to slow down and do less or I could end up in trouble. So, I am planning to slowly build up into term, and then have one day a week when I do nothing at all. Let’s see if I can have the discipline to do nothing.

Although I spent a lot of time deciding whether to buy Montessori materials I am glad I did. The children have helped themselves to the equipment and have been using it together really well. Hopefully this will mean that even when I don’t do so much, they will still be learning.

Heleyna painted the rest of her movable letters in the red and blue Montessori letter colours and we painted Y and y in purple as it acts like a vowel sometimes.

Ronan and Avila are reading through the Roman Mysteries and loving them. They are also both big fans of Michael Morpurgo books.


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