A wedding.

I was going to wait until the ring situation was sorted,  but good news shouldn’t have to wait. Alex is engaged to Anna! He has designed her engagement ring and the first stage of the making process is done. I’ll post on that properly when the ring is finished and Anna has the chance to wear it. She’s being very patient, as the process is taking quite a while.

We had a lovely day with Anna’s family om Sunday. Alex is marrying into a lovely family, and poor Anna is marrying into ours and worse still, she is getting me as her mother-in-law!

There is a lot to organise and sort out. It will be a wedding on a shoestring budget but they have some great ideas for making it work with as little flash as possible. Anna is a gifted seamstress and will be making her own dress. That’s pretty impressive. Meanwhile Alex is making a pile of origami swallows; it seems to be very therapeutic for him.

Our PP is away but he is back this weekend so hopefully they will have a date booked by then. They have decided to get married in our church rather than Anna’s for the sake of space and the hall, where they will have their reception.

They are also looking for somewhere to live. Sadly the first place they found, which would be ideal, has fallen through. They are still looking.

I’ll post more when we know more – and I am looking forward to showing you all the ring Alex has designed.


One response to “A wedding.

  1. Congratulations to Alex and best wishes to Anna. Praying through the intercession of st. Joseph for a place to live.

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