Curricula and books for Kindergarten (Year 1 UK)

Some of the books I want to read with Heleyna this coming academic year are:

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Fin M’Coul  Geography: Ireland

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland Geography and Faith: Ireland

The Lady of Guadalupe Faith, History, Geography: South America – Mexico

Clown of God Faith and Golden Legend

The Holy Twins Faith, Geography (Italy) and history (end of Rome)

The Story About Ping Geography: China

Old Befana Faith, Golden Legend – traditions and Geography: Italy.

Grandfather’s Journey Geography and culture; Japan and America.

Brother Jerome and the Angels in the Bakery  Just a lovely book

The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane illumination, ink making, art.

Brother William’s Year

Mozart music I want to collect this series of books with CDs as we go along.

Frog and Toad will make it’s regular appearance.

Alfie and Annie Rose stories and other stuff by Shirley Hughs.

Religion:  Faith & Life: Our Heavenly Father

Maths: We are using Math U See Primer with the manipulatives. Hands on works better for Heleyna.

Mathematical Reasoning A

Hands On Thinking Skills with the manipulatives – attribute blocks.

I’ve just spent a lot of the bank’s money on equipment from Absorbent Minds. If you live in the UK I think this is the cheapest place to get Montessori equipment. Of course our lovely Government who keep talking about the importance of education have slapped 20% VAT on all items – because they really don’t want children educated that much. Watch out for P&P, but other than that it’s great.

Draw Write Now Bk 1 – Heleyna’s hand-eye coordination is pretty good and she shows some talent in drawing. I think I might introduce this book to her as the year goes on. (Their website is here)

Montessori equipment and Montessori-like equipment for reading and maths. Also for visual spacial development, thinking skills and geometry.


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