Don’t touch the light switch!

It was around 6ish this morning (I think) when Josh knocked on the door and announced that water was pouring through the kitchen ceiling, down the lightswitch and down the walls.

So Al had the task of getting the flood stopped and the leak fixed before he went to work. I’ve never seen a man enjoy himself so much!

Josh was quick thinking and had put a large crate under the leak and it was rapidly filling with greenish water (must be copper pipes).

The light switch was still dripping water even this evening so the children are barred from touching it.

Al went off to Wicks at half eight, which was a special treat as he usually only gets to go there at weekends and holidays. He loves shopping there, the way those shopaholic women like department stores. Fortunately for us, Al’s love of Wicks does us more good as a family than if he was into department stores.

Long before mid morning he had fixed the leak and the watcher had stopped pouring through the kitchen ceiling. It was Alex who had the pleasure of bursting the great blister in the ceiling paper to release its burden of green water.

There’s a lot of drying out to be done and I am not so sure my child height measuring graffiti is accurate now the paper has slipped, but all is well, and no one has been electricuted.


3 responses to “Don’t touch the light switch!

  1. Oh dear! Thank God no one was hurt and Al fixed the leak.

  2. What an awful ordeal! I’m relieved that no one was hurt. Just be very careful of mold.

  3. It’s drying out but the phone line seems to have taken on some water and is playing up.
    At least everyone’s ok and no serious damage.

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