Flexischooling Conference

Just saw this on the lists. I know a few families over the years who have attempted flexi-schooling but have had a less than positive reaction from heads of schools. This looks like a very good step forward.

National Flexischooling Conference:

 Flexible Futures – Progressive Education’.

 2nd November 2012, Britannia Hotel, Coventry.

Please do recirculate to colleagues, friends and through your own professional and interest networks
Flexible Futures – Progressive Education
It’s full steam ahead for the next phase of bringing flexischooling to
the wider educational and public audience. Our own CPE-PEN
Flexischooling Learning Exchange was very well attended and terrific

Alison Sauer (Sauer Consultancy) has been so energetic over the last
year in all areas of support, advocacy and promotion for flexischooling.
The culmination is an important National Flexischooling Conference
developed by Alison. At CPE-PEN http://blog.personalisededucationnow.org.uk/
we wholeheartedly endorse Alison’s work and this conference. CPE-PEN
Chair – Peter Humphreys will be speaking and their will be a bookstall
from Educational Heretics Press http://edheretics.gn.apc.org/
. CPE-PEN will also be launching a Flexischooling Guidance Document a
Flexi-Mark and a National Flexischool Network registration scheme.

We hope as many of you as possible can join us.
A National Flexischooling Conference: ‘Flexible Futures – Progressive Education’.
Speakers include head teachers from three schools offering flexischooling, Dr Paul Kelly, Graham Stuart MP, and many more.
There will be ample opportunity for networking, especially if you decide
to come to the conference dinner on the evening before the main event.

Book by Monday 8th October to secure your place.

Details and booking forms http://www.sc-education.co.uk/flexischooling-conference/

Registration: http://www.sc-education.co.uk/conference-registration/
or contact directly on 01282 854719

What is flexischooling?
Flexischooling is an arrangement between the parent/s and the school,
whereby the child attends school part-time and is otherwise home
educated. Flexischooling is a legal option providing it is agreed by the
headteacher. It does not affect attendance figures as absences are
essentially authorised and can be registered as ‘educated off site.’

Who benefits?

Flexischooling allows children the ‘best of both worlds’ – the freedom
to explore and learn outside the confines of a rigid timetable while
enjoying the facilities and social benefits of attending a school. A
number of schools have been able to serve their community more
successfully by offering flexischooling. Importantly for headteachers,
schools can claim full funding for students who are flexischooled.

What are the challenges?
Accommodating flexischooled children into a full-time curriculum can
present some logistical challenges. However, there are numerous success
stories of schools that have developed a workable programme. Delegates
will learn much more about the solutions available and leave with the
tools to develop their own.
Delegates will also get the chance to listen to and debate with people
who have direct experience of flexischooling. These include some of the
key policy makers who are helping to drive flexischooling forward.
Negotiations are ongoing with the government to formally recognise
flexischooling as a viable alternative to traditional learning.
Delegates will, therefore, be at the forefront of this very exciting
development in progressive education.

Please do recirculate to colleagues, friends and through your own professional and interest networks
It is key to get awareness and dialogue with mainstream and in Alison’s
latest mailshot to mainstream headteachers additionally emphasises
advantages for ‘special needs’ and ‘gifted’ learners.

Children with SEN, and in particular those on the autistic spectrum,
often have serious difficulty or may even be unable to attend mainstream
school on a full time basis. Those who are gifted may also be better
served by a part time place at school giving them time to flourish in
their particular talent.

Flexischooling is one simple option offering the best of mainstream
schooling whilst accommodating such a child’s need for a different
approach, all with the aim of developing a child’s abilities to their
fullest potential whilst minimising the impact on school routine.

a.. It is Legal

b.. Recognised

c.. Funded

d.. Does not adversely affect attendance statistics

e.. Looked upon with approval at inspection

f.. Can be used long term, short term or for reintegration

Arrangements for flexischooling can be made on a case by case basis,
without requiring approval from the LA and are at the school’s
We look forward to seeing you at our conference.
Kindest regards Alison Sauer
SC Education

2 responses to “Flexischooling Conference

  1. Hi

    Do you think the price will be an obstacle?
    “Registration: £155 including lunch.
    Accommodation: £50, single, £60 double, £70 family, including breakfast.
    Meal and entertainment offer: £35”

  2. I think the price will be an obstacle – but knowing how much these things cost to put on, I guess that’s life in ridiculously expensive Britain. Even the train fare to Coventry will be and obstacle.

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