October; Dysautonimia awareness. Never heard of it? Get aware :P

October is the Month of the Rosary, so get out your beads and Bibles and pray for all those with autonomic disorders as October is also the month of International Dysautonomia Awareness.

You may be groaning and thinking “not another awareness day/week/month!” And I suppose I don’t blame you, but the lack of awareness over autonomic nervous system disorders is almost total.  Sadly, this lack of awareness can lead many people with ANS disorders getting short shrift from doctors and shockingly uncharitable treatment from family and friends.

It’s a sad reflection on families it seems to me, when I see so many stories of people being labeled as “lazy”,  “negative” and “attention seeking” or whatever.

While the scientific and medical understanding of dysautonomic disorders is still pretty sparse, there is a growing consensus that Fibromyalgia is either part of an autonomic disorder or is one. There is also growing evidence for ME/cfs is linked with autonomic dysfunction. I can’t find studies on diagnostic trends for FMS and ME but we do know that the number of children with autism is rising at a rapid rate and that their autism is serious enough that “better awareness” in no way adequately explains the increase. Something must be triggering all these autonomic failures. I think we have quite a wait to find out what it is.

I will be posting on this over October. As I’ve recently been diagnosed with PoTS, which is very, very common in Fibromyalgia, I’m particularly interested in the research that is beginning to show Fibro and ME are either co-morbid with or are in themselves dysautonomias.


2 responses to “October; Dysautonimia awareness. Never heard of it? Get aware :P

  1. Every Thursday after mass and every Sunday before mass, we will be praying the rosary as a parish.I will have you as one of my intentions to pray for during the rosary this month Shell.

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