Montessori; tower and brown stair extension

The sensory material in Montessori’s method isn’t just so that a child can learn through her senses, but also so that she can train her senses to learn.

Big brother Alex was called in to help complete the tower of cubes and rectangular prisms. In building this and accepting help in building it Heleyna was able to see that the object was more stable with a broader base moving up to a narrower top. She also could see once the tower began to rock that there was a maximum height for this construction  The stability of the tower depended on each object being centrally placed over the one before it and that it needed a firm base. The carpet or learning rug wouldn’t cut it. She had already been building with the 1000 cubes experimenting in stable and less stable structures. We took this structure down and did some of the usual extensions.

Heleyna then got out the tin of animals and asked a lot of questions about each one. Then she decided we needed to use the cubes and stairs to make different habitats for the different animals. She made a desert, forest, sea with caves along the cliff face and a pool for the platypus. I have not read any Montessori lessons or suggestions that include this sort of imagination play but it suited her and was a way to learn a little more about the animals.

We also did some listening with these. The cubes are hollow and the prisms are solid so they make a different sound.


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