Home education when ill; Quo Vadis mater pt 2.

The question has come up, and I dare say will come up again, about whether I am doing the right thing in continuing to home educate.

Looking at what my friends have to do first thing of a morning and last thing at night, I don’t think school is an option. I can barely function at those two ends of the day. I am usually able to move around fairly freely by half nine in the morning, but it can take me over half an hour from getting up at half seven to getting upright to come downstairs. Then I tend to sit quietly and do morning prayer before I put the work out.

I then crash around half three, really can’t function them, and am semi crashed by after dinner. I home ed in the middle between half nine and half two and then cook mid afternoon because I can’t cook later afternoon or evening. I just can’t think straight.

I know there are a lot of very sick homeschoolers out there and very sick mums with preschoolers for that matter. I haven’t come across mums coping with sending and fetching kids to and from school and making sure the homework gets done, but I daresay they are out there. My friend has told me the homeschooling doesn’t stop once they’re in school, it just shifts to evenings and weekends. That just wouldn’t work here, where I often can’t string together a coherant sentence in the evenings.

So it looks like home education is the best option for us, as things stand. I’m not being heroic in continuing to home ed. I honestly can’t see another choice at this point.

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone without help from Himself gets through this sort of thing. At least I know He will make sure I can do what needs doing until it doesn’t need doing any more.

Ronan and Avila are pretty independent as learners now. They know how to learn which is the basis for any education. Even on bad days when I’m just the blob-mum they can get on with it.

I’ve cut back a bit. We are sticking to basics and that means that history and geography aren’t being covered as well as I’d like. But a lot of that is covered in Language Arts and Science, so it’s not a complete loss. Latin and Greek are down to once a week.

On good days or better days I add in the stuff we aren’t doing so much of. That way things tick over

Both are good strong readers now and read a lot at bedtime. I think I’ll re-introduce the quiet reading time after half term. They do this sometimes without my suggestion but I think I could ensure certain books get read, and encourage it as a routine.

Thankfully Iona will take them out of the house for an airing when I can’t.

As things stand they are getting a good education. If it came to the point when what they were getting was actually worse than what they’d get in school we’d have to rethink.
So far, so good.


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