Epilepsy Clinic

Saw the doc at the clinic yesterday. He spent a lot of time telling me how it wasn’t epilepsy, even after I said I never thought it was. He didn’t know what to do next as the report from my hospital admission wasn’t clear. He asked me a couple of times what I wanted him to do. The EEG was clear of course.
I’ve noticed this question comes up a lot with doctors these days. Is it part of a new protocol where patients must be so well versed in their sickness and must be so well that they are able to clearly request what they need from the medic?
If so, I might be bold and tell them what the research actually says. …. or not.

I was tempted to ask him to wave a magic wand over me and make it all stop. LOL! Well, he did ask what I wanted.

I did ask quite firmly whether he believed FMS was a “real” disease or if he was in the “All in yer’ead” camp. The question made him quite literally squirm and he wouldn’t answer. So, that was my answer.

The next step is to await the next seizure and get whoever might be there to film it.
Yes, you read that right. It’s like some kind of Shame Attack Exercise! I remember those from my psychi days.
My coping strategy had been to tell the kids that if I should have more seizures they were to leave the room and let me get on with them, and I’d call them back when it’s over.
Not any more! It’s grab the camera and film me!!

It’s a great shame that no doctors are capable of taking detailed histories any longer.

Cardiologist POTS specialist next week. And no, I am not raising my hopes.


2 responses to “Epilepsy Clinic

  1. When a doctor once asked me “What do you think it is? ” I looked him straight in the eye, and replied…”.You are the bloody doctor…you tell me”

    Best wishes.

  2. Good for you Father!
    Honestly, I wonder sometimes what these doctors actually learn!

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