Pace trials Pt 2: GET/CBT does more harm than good.

No sooner had I posted THIS with the great explanation vids when vid four was put up. So here it is. Take a five min break and watch this.

The explanations are so clear even I get it now. I have to say that since I’ve been more serious about reading research on ME/cfs FMS dysautonomia/POTS one thing has become very evident. That standard of a lot of stuff that gets published in peer reviewed journals is really pretty awful. Basic mistakes such as making assertions without any back up evidence, where only one or two authors are used as references and no mention of authors who came to different conclusions.  Imprecise language and over use of jargon. The list goes on. I have wondered sometimes if this is the standard of research and study that does get published, what on earth does the unpublished stuff look like?

Is this shambles over GET/CBT genuine incompetence or is it corruption?  Sadly, and very worryingly, it looks more and more like corruption.

(I think I may had muddled the vids in my foggy brain. However if you go to Youtube you can watch them all in the correct order. Sorry)


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