Advent is for fasting and praying – and yikes, we need it!

Put down that soap opera and step away from the chocolate filled advent calendar. It’s time to take Advent seriously. Get off your bottom, get down on you knees (if you can). I don’t know why the Latin Rites seem to have let it slide so much. While our Eastern Rite fellow Catholics and Orthodox brothers and sisters are preparing for the fast, I’ve hardly seen a mention of fasting for Advent among the Latins.

Well. We are supposed to, and God know we need to. On the side of Light and Life the 40 Days for Life this year showed great fruit in over 800 babies’ lives saved, 6 abortion workers left; which I hope means they converted – and one Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill has closed. This is wonderful news.

But here in the UK, where 40 Days doesn’t get the same support’ And I’m sorry to say I haven’t been on the ball with it either – we can’t show the same results.

In fact the devil seems to be giving us a kick back just as the 40 Days closes with the papers running the story of killing sick babies by being starved and dehydrated to death. Many of these poor kids take ten days to slowly die. WHAT are we DOING? WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY IS THIS, WHERE WE STARVE BABIES TO DEATH!?

If you take a look at this report and take a look at this comment you will see that so-called experts are saying that the net of those considered unworthy of life should be widened to include newborns who are “morally irrelevant.”  I don’t know how anyone can look at this and not see the philosophy of death that underpinned the Nazi’s. This is not a misuse of the term. We are doing exactly the same thing as they did.

Britain, shamefully, has a long history of vile mistreatment of those the establishment saw as inferior. I’ve recently finished reading a harrowing account of the Irish Famine. Then there was slavery and there’s the wholesale killing and persecution of Catholics that happened over 300 years. We are not a country clothed in glory quite frankly.  It has always been the little side people who have stood up strongly. Cardinal Wiseman,  Elizabeth Fry, Wilberforce and writers like Dickens and Chesterton and Belloc who tried to stir the apathy of the British conscience.

The Church needs to stand up and fight. Full on Church Militant, if we are going to stop this. We have to put Christ centre at last, and speak out against this encroaching legal murder.

So pray and fast through Advent.

Be of good cheer, but don’t just sit on your rear.

If Christians are silent in the face of this, we will pay a heavy price in eternity.


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