Ending term today

I’ve decided to end term today. I wrote out what I wanted the children to get done today and I’ve done some light work with Heleyna. I’ve tried to set things out so that Ronan and Avila can work as independently as possible. They have to do the work they find more difficult while I am here and then get on with the rest while I am at the hospital being fitted with the 24 hr ECG monitor.

I’m really impressed that Ronan has taken on extra work today so as to have a couple of books finished off before next term.


He’s just finished off Life of Fred Ice Cream and done some extra Reading Thinking Skills to get it finished too.

He’s also done some basic sentence analysis as an alternative to diagramming.

J, Josh’s girlfriend has taken them out today so they are getting a lovely end of term treat as well.

Mind you, they had the home ed group Christmas party yesterday as well. Lots of fun to be had for all. But they have worked very hard and I am pleased with how they are doing so far.

Hope my ECG is nice and clear so I can get something to help.


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