New Year; Solemnity of Mary Mother of God (Theotokos) and the Circumcision and naming of the Lord Jesus


HAPPY NEW YEAR Have a blessed 2013, and rest of the Year of Faith.

It is the Eighth Day of Christmas and as children of the Eighth Day ourselves – that being the day of the Resurrection and New Creation (8th Day from the Entry of Jerusalem, first day of the week; Sunday).

On the eighth day after a son’s birth a good Jewish family ensured he was circumcised into the Law as God had commanded Abraham and received his name on that day. So the rabbi would have come to the place in Bethlehem where they were staying; hopefully a house of some sort by this time, and he would have asked what name the child was to have and Joseph would have said “His name is Jesus.” It was a common enough name in many ways, but in Jewish tradition names have meaning. Jesus means God Saves.

Mary Mother of God; Theotokos.

Mary has many titles for her title Mother of God or in Greek Theotokos  which transliterates as God-bearer is probably her most important one. It is a rebuke to all those who try to insist that Jesus has no Divine Nature or that He is only a little bit divine. So many people crawled out of the woodwork to deny Christ loudly; but the Woman received her title and stomped on the head of the dragon again. You see every time Our Blessed Mother receives a title it is to point to her Son and tell us a little more about who He is.

Jimmy Akin has far more coherent and sensible things to say about todays great feast than I have.


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