Home Education; Winter Term begins!

P1010954My New Year’s resolution was that we would start the lessons of the day at 9 am instead of half past. I reckoned that would mean we would finish the day’s learning earlier. It’s nearly half two as I write this and although the girls are long done – Ronan is still working! I think as I re-introduce group lessons he will simply have to leave his personal learning until group work is done and then go back to it.

Everyone got down to work quickly and I think we were more or less properly organised. We have only managed to get one thank you card written though.

We got a lovely basket of food from the parent’s of Alex’s fiance. I am going to use the basket for free time reading books. I bought the children quite a few books for Christmas which I hope they’ll get some good use from. There’s also some books on the Kindle for them to read.

Ronan is on Life of Fred Jelly Beans now and I think we’ve reached the point where I can’t always help him. I was so useless at Maths at school and Life of Fred doesn’t have a DVD tutor to help make sense of things. I think he’s going to have to start asking his dad!

I got Heleyna a whiteboard for Christmas which is already proving useful for letter and number work and of course drawing pictures. It’s also come in handy as Ronan has started using the magnetic fraction pieces. A friend gave them a good quality blackboard each as well so there’s plenty to work with. I might invest in water soluble chalkpens at some point.

Having a quiet crash time now before Roni’s friend comes over and there’s Beavers and Cubs.

First day done. Tweak some planning for tomorrow and have a cup of tea.


One response to “Home Education; Winter Term begins!

  1. I encourage you, and every parent to really dig into math. I know it is a lot of work. I HATED math in school. My dad and I spent hours at the dining table and many tears (mine) were shed and I learned quite a few “exclamations” from my dad as he got more and more frustrated. I was so happy when I started college. I had passed the math assessment with 2 points to spare and therefore did not have to take ANY math to get my BA. Fast forward a few years, I end up working as a teaching assistant at a high school in the math department of all places! It wasn’t easy. I had to ask the teachers many questions. I googled A LOT. There is a lot of great stuff math explanations on the internet and youtube also. In the end, the students I worked with really appreciated that I didn’t treat them like they were stupid if they didn’t know the answer. They also learned not to give up. Through watching me working through the problems, they learned what to do themselves and what resources are available. They also learned that there really isn’t an excuse to give up. Through much encouragement of students, parents, and teachers, I ended up getting my teacher’s license and teaching, of all things, math. I still am not the best at math. I don’t pretend to be. I won’t go to MIT or anywhere else. But if I put in the time and effort, I can do math. And by working at it when it gets hard, it teachers your students and children a very valuable lesson.

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