getting a heart monitorg

Yesterday after delays caused by the snow my new heart monitor arrived. It’s a watch with a chest strap. I bought one of the cheaper ones thinking it would do. It doesn’t work. The watch doesn’t recognise the chest strap. So I am sending it back.

Now I wonder whether to try again and get one of the expensive ones. On the lists people tend to recommend the

ideally I would like a simple heart rate monitor that will monitor my heart rate all day and with an alarm so that if I go above a certain rate it tells me to stop it.

I had set my personal limit at 125 and was using the finger pulse and oxy to check. However I can’t wear it so I tend to have it there and check my heart rate once I start feeling rough. But this often means I don’t check until it’s up around 128 to 134ish. I would then sit down until it reduced to under 125 and then get on with whatever I was doing. This hasn’t been working. I am still crashing each day and feeling horrible quite often.

So the new plan was I would stop at 120 to see if keeping my HR under 120 would reduce symptoms. But for this I need a good reliable HR monitor so I can sit down or lie down as soon as my HR hits 120.

As I am not going to see the cardiologist any time soon, I thought I would try and do something to improve things myself. It’s a shot in the dark really but it seemed worth a try.

So. I need to rethink the monitor. If anyone can recommend one that’s reliable let me know.


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