Went to see Les Miserables and met someone I think must have seen it. ;)

Last night Al and I went to see the film operetta Les Miserables.  I had obeyed Iona and kept the day very quiet so I would cope and today I am working through the household jobs very slowly, as I recover, but believe me it was worth the effort.

Al had to dig the car out of the snow, so he made quite a bit of effort!

When we got there he managed to negotiate the snow with the wheelchair which was quite a feat as well.

les_miserables_ver11At the desk we ordered tickets and then….Al had forgotten his wallet. We hadn’t a penny between us. I shrugged and said we had better go home. The ticket lady said we couldn’t possibly just go home having come out through the snow. She wasn’t going to allow it and we must see the film. She was busy tapping into the machine. “You can have my tickets,” she said. I assume she had some kind of ticket system with the cinema as she worked there. So she gave us her tickets!

It was the first time I’d been to the cinema in my wheelchair so it was interesting to see if the “crip corner” was going to work out. It was fine.

The film is great. We both loved it. I was pleased how close to the book it is and it didn’t try and ditch the heart of the story for political correctness. Jean Valjean’s journey of redemption while poor Jevert is tied to his law is well told and beautifully sung.

If you haven’t read the book go and get it FREE here. There are things in the book that will help you understand parts of the film that aren’t completely fleshed out such as the hair and teeth business. (I am avoiding spoilers by being vague).

I have some vague memories of singing the following song in choir, back when I still had a voice for singing.

I don’t think there’s a dud song in the whole thing, which is quite an achievement for the composers.

3 responses to “Went to see Les Miserables and met someone I think must have seen it. ;)

  1. How very sweet of the lady to give you tickets! What compassion =) I can’t wait to go and see it…hopefully one day soon! lol…

  2. Steve and I are seeing it Saturday night. I might try and read the book between now and then. I was glad I had read the hunger games before we saw the movie.

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