Montessori Lesson of the growing a seed into a plant.

I bought this download on the seed to plant from Montessori Printshop.

I also have the wonderful free botany nomenclature cards from the Helpful Garden. I’ve been using these with Heleyna, but it was coincidental that Avila had reached some work on the same subject in her science book (Behold and see 3) So Avila and Heleyna worked together on this.

We gathered some dried beans; mung, black eye, haricot and pinto. We soaked them overnight.

The next day I took a couple of cloths and wet them and got a couple of sealable sandwich bags.

We laid the soaked beans on the cloth and sealed them into the bags and left them to grow.


A few days later We set them up to have a good look at them.

As it happened some of the beans had made more progress than others so the process could be easily seen.

P1020005I started the line with a dry bean and then we had a soaked one and then the root and thankfully one of the beans had moved on so far that little leaves had started to grow and the “jacket” had been shed.

We made up the booklet and we’ll repeat that and go through the parts of a bean seed.


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