March for Life more and more people standing up for the sanctity of life!

The March for Life in the America has been an amazing sight. Thousands upon thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand a respect for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.  The Crescat has some great photos and all over the net there are reports from those who were there and those who wished they could be.

march-for-life-2013One of the great things about the internet is it can easily bypass the silence and self censorship of the mainstream media. They are losing the battle on life. Pretending the marches aren’t attended or ignoring them as they happen will no longer count for much. I get the sense the mainstream media’s influence is shrinking fast.

Forty years ago (a generation in Biblical terms) two court cases opened the floodgates to the wholesale slaughter of unborn people. This in turn blunted the sense of life so much that it is now fine to deny elderly people basic care and medication such as antibiotics; to starve and dehydrate people to death and to leave seriously ill people without basic care so that they and their families become so desperate they ask for assisted suicide.

We live in a world where health insurance companies in America will refuse tomarch-for-life-2013b pay for treatment but offer to pay for assisted suicide, because they deem it cheaper.

One of the wonderful things about the American people marching for life is that they still care enough, over the pond, to do this. I can’t imagine such a thing happening in dark apathetic Britain. Tiny embers still glow here, but those embers are tiny.

A new generation is emerging in America who are willing to stand up for what is right.


Abby Johnson has left the abortion industry and become pro-life. Her charity is to help others who wish to follow. It’s a brave step because those ex-workers 486064_559719124038165_2085612879_nlose their employment and are often less than welcomed into the pro-life community, who like the apostles after the conversion of Paul, are somewhat wary.

She has posted this picture of a tool used to grip the baby’s head and then pierce his/her skull. The grips stop the head floating free once it has been cut from the body. The fact that such tools are made is beyond vile; that they are used is not so much crying out to God but screaming out.

I am sure Dr Bernard Nathanson is praying for us all. He was a founding member of NARAL and the lies he told back then are still repeated in the media today. He has told the truth since then and spent the rest of his life fighting for life. He became a Catholic in 1996 and stood firm for life until his death in 2011.

As Christians we are not allowed to remain silent. It is laid on us as an obligation to speak out for justice and life.  Adam’s silence in the face of Satan’s attack on the woman brought about his own downfall. We will answer for silence.

You may be saying; I can’t march, what can I do?

For a lot of us it’s a matter of donating money, clothes, equipment and food to the crisis pregnancy centres and local parishes who do quiet outreach. Food donations for the elderly and sick. You might be able to help with respite or visiting someone. There are many families who offer a place to stay for girls in a terrible crisis pregnancy.

Something as simple as helping  a sick or disabled person navigate the dreadful benefits system by helping them fill out forms.

Join the St. Vincent dePaul (SVP) Society.

Do anything, so long as it’s not nothing.


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