Classical Academic Press stuff; a home education review.

This morning as I was sitting with a cuppa awaiting the arrival of friends for a home ed day, Avila brought me a story she had written. How sweet. The story was written mostly in Latin! Is that a home educated child or what?!!

I love the fact that she has taken so well to learning languages. I don’t want to live vicariously through my children, but I do wish I had been given the opportunity to learn languages when I was her age.  It’s something that fascinates me. If I had lived a different life I might have done linguistics…anywhere I digress.

We are using the lovely stuff produced at Classical Academic Press  It seems pretty good value for money and the shipping costs don’t scare me too much. I do wish they’d produce more ebook versions and pdfs, but in fact the hard copy is good for the children so I don’t mind the shipping too much.

sslbundle_new_LRGWe started off with SongSchool Latin. You know it’s working when the children are skipping up the road singing, “Quid est tuum praenomen?” on top of their little voices.

The flash cards and the songs worked well and although we’ve finished the workbook we go back over the songs quite often as vocab reminders.

We have followed this with the Latin for Children Primer A which we are working through at the moment. The DVDs are great and as they are aimed at the children they are interesting and no beige in sight. I like the way Dr Perrin teaches and like all good DVD teachers he will repeat himself as often as you like and never get impatient.

Heleyna isn’t taking part in these lessons yet, but she does tend to be around when the other two are learning and I’ve noticed she is picking things up. I hope this will mean she finds Latin easier when her turn comes.

To help us further we have this (awful but good) Youtube song for doing the first and second declensions. We just substitute the words we are declining.

I think it’s very easy to make Latin hard grinding and boring, but the children are enjoying this. There’s some good grammar and they build their English vocab through the pages on derivatives.

We’ve been using the Montessori grammar symbols to label simple Latin sentences as well which they enjoy.

I’ve invested in the Mastery Bundle for Level B. I think I’ll probably do the samelfcBmastery_LRG when it comes to Level C.

There’s a good lot of research showing that learning Latin helps children in all sorts of language development areas. It’s a great introduction to history and of course it’s useful if you want to read the Scriptures in Latin.

Not only do I think Classical Academic Press are pretty reasonable in their prices they also have the goodness to offer some substantial freebies.

We haven’t actually spent a lot of time on Headadventure Land because of time constraints but it is a great free resource for practising any of the languages on offer.

CAP also has it’s own freebie page including some audio resources in which Dr. Perrin quotes Chesterton. Well, that has me sold 😉

The children like their little story videos they have for practice as well.

Finally I wanted to mention on a non Latin note that they have launched some children’s ebooks.  I bought the first Sheepford and Oxley book which Heleyna loves.


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