Friday Freebies; Lent stuff, the Pope and the Conclave…and other eclectic things.

Classical Homeschooling Magazine online

A probably complete list of the free online books written by Charlotte M. Yonge.

This is a very good overview of the pontificate of Papa Beni I am among those who believe the establishment of the Ordinariate will bear great fruit. There are plenty of prophecies from the saints and blesseds that say England will revert one day. Perhaps the Ordinariate will pave the way.

There’s this great freebie for children to get to grips with how the conclave will work.

Don’t forget my freebies from the past The Via Dolorosa for Lent and Easter


The Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother which include walking with Jesus to the place of crucifixion; standing at the cross; receiving her beloved Son’s body into her arms and laying Him in the tomb.

And there’s the VIA GUADE to take you from Easter to Pentecost.

There’s plenty of things to find at That Resource Site



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