It was a lovely Wedding.

Well, I didn’t cry! Tough as old nails me. I did come close once, for which I P1020141blame the best man. His speech was probably the most genuine and blessedly short speeches I have ever heard. He showed what true friendship is and I was very touched.

The way the whole thing came together was amazing. All day Friday the Explorer Scout group that Alex and Iona are part of were at the Church Hall with Anna’s parents and Al and Ronan, getting it set up and ready. It looked stunning.

Meanwhile Iona had finished the cake  and it was transported with great care!

A few things about the day stand out for me. First of all I was so pleased to see that people from our parish and some friends came to the wedding Mass, even though they couldn’t get to the reception.

I loved the fact that our parish priest obviously sees Alex as a true spiritual son and loves Anna as much, though he has known her less time.  He works so hard. He came and grabbed some food, rushed off to do some visits and say 5pm Mass and then came back and joined us.  He hasn’t asked for a penny for the use of the hall.

The other thing that was lovely was getting to see friends we don’t see very often these days and one of them concelebrated the Mass – which was special for me, as I’ve known him since we were teenagers.

The food for the wedding was amazing. So many people brought so much food there was tons left over. The Scouts and some of the guests, including our Deacon and his wife worked their socks off in the kitchen and stayed ’til nearly 1am on Sunday morning to help clean up.  (We left just before midnight when the children had obviously had enough; Josh carried Heleyna home and I had Avila on my lap most of the way).  I have to say there are a lot of very good cooks out there. A lot of the left overs went to the soup kitchen and Father says he’ll sell some of the cakes. A lot of the left overs came back here too.

P1020172Anna’s dress made by her aunt was lovely and her aunt had also hemmed the table cloths. On the cloth for the top table she had hemmed in the names of Anna and Alex and the date of their wedding. It got a lot of admiration, although she was very humble about it.

Josh hired kilt sets for him and Ronan. There was no Scott tartan available for hire so we went with the Help for Heroes tartan. The military hospital wing is up the road from us so it’s a charity we like to support.

It’s pretty lovely to see the new Mr and Mrs Scott looking so happy.

The following day was Ronan’s 1oth birthday. Even though it was crash day for me and there was a lot of post-wedding stuff happening around him, he had a good day. Our friends came over (having stayed in a local hotel) and spent a good chunk of the day with us and so Ronan had time to play with a friend he doesn’t get to see very often.

Now, for a little quietness…. well, probably not.


5 responses to “It was a lovely Wedding.

  1. I absolutely love how everyone came together to make the wedding special. I think they’ve become so commercialized! I don’t want my wedding to cost as much as a down payment on my home!

  2. Congratulations! It looks like a special and wonderful day!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. lovely, I love those kind of weddings, lots of friends all pitching in. Ours was like that. Glad you’re not too splat after it all.

  5. Thanks everyone. It was wonderful.

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