I have very little sympathy for medics who moan about not knowing what to do.

A friend recently told me that his fellow medics tell him about patients with fibromyalgia coming to them and “whingeing” about their symptoms.  Thankfully I was just in crash post-wedding so I didn’t immediately tell him what I thought of his fellow medics but I did say I was more than aware that a dx of FMS got me immediately treated like … I used a rude word for poo.  His response was that the doctors didn’t know what to do about fibro – it’s difficult to deal with.

If I had been more with it at the time I might have given him a message for his colleagues; poor didums don’t know what to do with a very sick patient who comes to them because after all they are supposed to be DOCTORS trained in medicine and very well paid for it. Understandably the sick person would like some help. Doctors need to grow up and start taking seriously the responsibility of being a doctor, or go and find a job they can do, like cleaning the streets or something where they can’t do any more damage.  They will never be any good at being a doctor if they spend all their time soaked in their own narcissism with the delusion that the only important person in the room is them.

581088_443019292382627_1301756826_nThe major problem in medicine these days is that it is seen as a prestigious career for ever-s0-clever people, rather than a vocation to help the sick. People who spend all their time being told how clever they are do not like to face seriously complicated diseases like fibro, ME or any dysautonomic disease. It’s too difficult, involves focusing away from the doctor and onto the patient and does not lend itself to a tick box on a computer.

Treating patients with respect costs nothing and could save a life or two – or at the very least make someone’s life a little more bearable. I think the knock-on effect of patients being treated like persons with intrinsic dignity would be that doctors could cope with failure better and have more job satisfaction.

There is something so wrong in our culture when doctors not only treat patients so appallingly behind closed doors; but have no sense of irony is complaining publicly about how annoying really seriously ill people are when they come for help.

Looking at the state of medicine – and it’s not just in the UK, the same horror stories are told by people all over the Western world – is we have ditched God and with Him we have ditched the natural law and the recognition of personhood with it’s intrinsic dignity and intrinsic rights.


One response to “I have very little sympathy for medics who moan about not knowing what to do.

  1. I’m so happy I’m out of the search for a doctor who understands chronic illness! Dealing with ignorant healthcare works is soul crushing when you’re already dealing with so much every single day.

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