Habamus Papam; Pope Francis I

598798_10200747466632086_1756009254_nThe 265th successor of St. Peter is Pope Francis I a Jesuit Cardinal of Buenos Aries in Argentina.

The white smoke was seen at 6pm (wed 13th March) and then the bells and then what seemed like quite a long wait.

I asked everyone what name they wanted for the next holy father and Heleyna immediately piped up with “George.”

We all laughed.

Then half an hour later it was announced that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina had been elected. He is a Jesuit so I am reckoning that St. Ignatius of Loyola and Sts Francis Xavior SJ and Francis Borgia SJ were doing a triple Snoopy dance in heaven.


He chose the name Francis making him Pope Francis . I wonder which St. Francis he was thinking of? Even though he’s a Jesuit I did think of St. Francis of Assisi who bore the stigmata.

It has been said on EWTN that today is the anniversary of the canonisation of SS Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavior.

St Francis Xavior was a great missionary and died in China aged 46.


5 responses to “Habamus Papam; Pope Francis I

  1. I think it is after Francis Xavier.

  2. “Triple Snoopy dance”! LOL!

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