easy origami basket and dying eggs.

We had a lovely time yesterday at the Home Ed group get together. The children played some games Roni organised – his ideas coming from Cubs. Then they made really simply baskets and went on an easter egg hunt. Finally they dyed some hard boiled eggs in very strong solution of Kool Aid.

So here’s the way to do it. For the basket you will need a piece of construction or sugar paer. Star by folding i


n one corner to make a triangle with a straight line on the top edge.

You will have a piece left over at the side. Fold this against the edge of the triangle and either carefully tear or cut it off. Keep it for the handle.

Take one corner and fold it across so the point touches the opposite edge in the middle.

















Then fold the opposite corner across. You will have a triangle at the top of your basket now.



Turn the basket over and fold down the first triangle.


Turn the basket over and open the slot at the front. Fold the triangle down and


tuck it into that slot.








Open the basket and push up it’s bottom which will keep the basket open.





Fold the spare strip in three to make a handle and then staple or stick it to the sides of the basket.





Your basket is ready for decoration and to be stuffed with tissue and eggs or other little gifts.




Now to dye your eggs. You will need eggs. You can either hard boil them or blow them. To blow an egg you must take a needle and pierce a hole in the top and a slightly larger hole in the bottom of your egg. A good free range egg is best. Those poor battery farmed hens lay fragile eggs that can break rather than let you put a good hole in them. So use eggs where the poor hens have been treated with the respect due to God’s creation.


Rinse the eggs through thoroughly.

To decorate your eggs, you can first draw a pattern on it using a wax crayon.

If you are using Kool Aid mix the powders in small bowls with a small amount of water. Place the eggs in the mixture and let them soak for a while.


I am sure that food colouring would work too.







3 responses to “easy origami basket and dying eggs.

  1. Ezra ate his egg this morning. It was slightly red on the egg white, but didn’t taste like kool-aid!

  2. aww, shame to miss it once again 😦

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